The usual problems -
Heater Blower Resistor and/or connector.

Over the last ten years or so, motor manufacturers have introduced more sophisticated Heater Blower Resistors to control the blower fan motor for the heater and, on many, the digital aircon too.
The Heater Resistor is also known as the Resistor Pack or Rheostat.

Heater Blower Resistor with climate control

Types controlling digital aircon (climate control) are characterised by a finned aluminium heatsink,
which is designed to keep the internal electronics cool and working efficiently.
Types just controlling the fan speed generally just comprise of a few wirewound power resistors (or one resistor with a 3 or 4 windings), which have the effect of regulating the motor speed by reducing the voltage available to the fan.
These types always include a thermal trip, which will permanently blow if the rated temperature is exceeded.

The thermal fuse/trip.

If the Heater Resistor Pack goes faulty, the user may find that the blower stops working on one or more of its speeds.
Or it may run at maximum speed on all settings, or just work on maximum and not on lower speeds, or it may simply not run at all.
Sometimes, the owner gets a warning that all is not well, with one of the above faults occurring intermittently.
Alternatively, if the thermal trip blows, the heater blower will be dead on all settings.

Overheated / burnt  Heater Resistor loom connector

Some vehicles also suffer from burning and melting of the loom and connector where it plugs into the heater resistor.
This can result in intermittent operation on one or more speeds, or results in no fan action at all.
Often, the onset of this is characterised by a burning smell coming from the dash.

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