The problem

Many Peugeot owners have experienced a problem with the heater not working properly.
Vehicles affected include the Peugeot 206 and 307.

Owners may experience an intermittent heater blower fan, on one or more of the speed settings, or the fan may not work all, or will only work on full power, or may be stuck on full power.

Two types of controls are used, depending on whether the vehicle has auto air-con or not.
Generally, it is the vehicles without auto air-con that have the most common problems with the heater and this is the vehicle we are dealing with here.

The possible causes

Two Types of Heater Resistor in use
There are two different types of heater resistor that have been used, as shown below.

Highlighted Thermal trip on Peugeot 206 / 307 Resistor PackHighlighted Thermal trip on Vauxhall / Opel Zafira B

If you have the type on the right, this is the same as used on the Citroen C5, please check there instead.
Otherwise, if you have the type on the left, continue as follows:

There are two common causes of a heater blower fan problem in the Peugeot 206 or 307 without auto aircon:
Quite frequently, both faults will be present.

A. Faulty Heater Resistor (Otherwise known as the Heater Blower Resistor, Resistor Pack, Heater Rheostat or Blower Motor Resistor, Part No. 6450JP )
Usually, it is the thermal fuse on it that fails.
Highlighted Thermal trip on Peugeot 206 / 307 Resistor Pack
An open circuit Heater Resistor Thermal Fuse.

B. Overheated/Burned Heater Resistor Wiring Loom Connector
The connector can become overheated and melt, causing damage to the loom.
Overheated / burnt  Heater Resistor loom connector
An overheated/burned Heater Resistor Loom Connector

The fixes

A. Faulty Heater Resistor
There are two types of heater resistor in use, If you have the green-bodied type resistor as shown above, and it is the thermal fuse that has failed, you can just replace that, using our thermal fuse repair kit.
Find out more replacing a thermal fuse.
Otherwise, simply replace the Heater Blower Resistor with new.

Peugeot 206/307 Resistor Pack plus loom kit

B. Overheated/Burned Heater Resistor Loom Connector.
Replace the wiring loom connector by fitting a Repair Loom including a new connector.
(Part No: 6445KL / 6445ZL).
This 5-wire loom is suitable for repairing a burnt loom on either the Peugeot 206 or the 207.
Some of the original looms may have only 4 wires - the 5th wire is left disconnected.

Peugeot 206/307 Heater Resistor loom repair tail

C. Other Causes

There can, of course be other causes, like a faulty blower motor, or a blown fuse, but the two main causes above are far and away the most common.

Repair guide for Peugeot 307
Stage 1 - Investigate.

If your heater blower is totally dead, do check your fuses first.
Access to the Heater Resistor is gained from below the dash on the driver's side.

Remove the panels shown in 1 and 2 below from below the steering wheel.

.Accessing Resistor Pack, stage 1 Accessing Heater Resistor, stage 2

3. Next remove the centre console side cover.

Accessing Heater Blower Resistor, stage 3

4. Here's what you see. Note the elbow joint, lower left.

 Accessing Heater Blower Fan Resistor, stage 4

5. Here's a close-up of the elbow joint.

Accessing Heater Blower Fan Resistor, stage 5

Now turn on the ignition, and press the recirculation on.

6. The recirculation flap should open, as evidenced by the elbow joint opening.

Accessing Heater Blower Fan Resistor, stage 6

Turn off the ignition (the recirculation flap stays open) and put your arm through to reach the Heater  Resistor body.

7. Twist it anticlockwise, and pull the Heater Resistor back through the opening.

Accessing Heater Blower Fan Resistor, stage 7

Disconnect the Heater Blower Resistor from the loom for inspection.
The Thermal Fuse is shown arrowed here.
This is the usual cause of failure of the Heater Resistor.
You can fix this with our Thermal Fuse Repair Kit.

Highlighted Thermal Fuse on Resistor Pack

Now carefully inspect the Heater Resistor Loom Connector.
Here's an example of a badly overheated one.
Clearly, this one needs replacing, but even if yours looks OK, look carefully at the contacts, and replace the connector if at all doubtful, using our repair loom.

Burnt Heater Blower Resistor Loom Connector

Repair guide
Stage 2 -
Order new parts as appropriate.



Peugeot 206/307 Resistor Pack plus loom kit


Peugeot 206/307 Heater Resistor loom repair tail

Repair guide
Stage 3 - Replace/repair.

Replacing the Heater Resistor Thermal Fuse

Cut off old thermal fuse Straighten legs
1.Cut off the old fuse, leaving as much lead length remaining as possible.
2.Use your pliers to straighten these legs.
Resistor pack and replacement fuse and crimps New fuse crimped in place, ready for legs to be cut off
3.Bend the legs of your new thermal fuse into a "U" shape.
4.Now crimp the new fuse onto the old legs, such that the fuse is still close to the Resistor Pack body.
Cut off the protruding legs, and the Heater Resistor is repaired and ready for re-use.

Don't forget to try and determine why the fuse failed in the first place.

Replacing the Heater Resistor Loom Connector:
To do this, you need to cut off the old connector, and connect the cables on the new loom kit to the original loom.
For safety, disconnect the battery first and make a note of the radio code.

Eliminate the possibility of making a wiring mistake by cutting and crimping only one cable at a time.

If you prefer, solder the new cables onto the old loom, using heatshrink or insulation tape to complete the installation.


Heater Resistor Pack
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